Official Music Videos

Paperweight (2023)

Of Elephants And Skeletons (2015)

Alexandra, Annamarie, And Everything I Ever Wanted To Be (2011)

In Another Life (2011)

Muzzle (2010)

Let's Try This Again (2009)

Last Call (Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bottle) [2007 Version] (2007)


Flylashes (2023 Ĉon Flux tribute)

More Christian Than Christian (2020 lyric)

11 Minutes In November (2018 lyric)


A.I.-Generated Lyric Videos (compiled and edited by John Orr)

Wake-Up Call (2023)

Flylashes (2023)

The Heist (2023)

Constellations Below (2023)

Paperweight (2023)

Black Jeans, Brown Booze (2023)

Stop Trying To Hit Me And Hit Me (2023)

More Christian Than Christian (2023)

Honest To A Faultline (2023)

The Reds Of Our Eyes (Two Thirds Of Our Lives) (2023)

Kinder Gardener (2022)

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