Come Original

"Original Sin", a new non-album single, is out now on this, the 12th birthday of The Last Domino! I've played this track live for a number of years, but never found a proper home for it on an official release. Since I'm still in the process of recording Two Thirds Of Our Lives, I figured it was time for its "coming-out" party. Get some exclusively at Bandcamp, and read more about it on the music link above!

Dancing On Angels

The David Bowie tribute album Spiders From Mars! is AVAILABLE NOW on Psychedelic Cherry Records as a digital download and/or cassette! My cover of "Dead Man Walking" is included among numerous other phenomenal renditions recorded by musicians all over the globe.

Big up to The May Company and various members of my HitRECord family for inviting and encouraging me to be a part of this. I'm humbled to have been able to honor such a wonderful musician and person.

One Fourth Of Two Thirds

NEW SONGS!!! The three-song crowdfunding teaser for Two Thirds Of Our Lives is now available exclusively at Bandcamp! In lieu of a Kickstarter-type campaign, this teaser is to raise funds for completion of Two Thirds. The songs are pay-what-you-want, so if you'd like to hear ten more like them, you can help! More details via the link.

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