Autumn Addendum

I've just released a new version of "Autumn Twilight" with an added lyrical part, which I've been performing live lately, exclusively to The hR community has been the outlet for the majority of my musical endeavors for the past year, and despite my desire to keep the official TLD stuff separate, I felt the urge to update (or "REmix", as we do on the site) the song for a collab we're working on. You can hear/download "Autumn Twilight REdux" here!

"Go To Hell, You Old Bastid!"

As a quick appendix to my previous post, the lovely MAT has graced us with yet another music video for TLD's tenth birthday, which is today!! Watch "Of Elephants And Skeletons" in the videos section!


This March 31st marks the ten-year anniversary of my first release under the name The Last Domino. I've been out of the live performance game for some time now due to other projects taking priority, but three full-lengths, six EPs, and hundreds of shows all in the span of a decade is surely cause for celebration, so I'm getting back in the saddle! The 3/28 show will be held at my old local stomping grounds, Red Eyed Fly, and will feature some new musical friends I've made around here in the past few months.

A heartfelt thanks to each and every person who has supported me in any way these past ten years. I'll begin my reign of at least ten more by decreeing that Two Thirds Of Our Lives WILL be released on 2/3/16 no matter what!!

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